Charing Cross Practice is situated in the centre of Norwich.  The practice treats people who require more demanding Endodontic and Prosthodontic dentistry.


Endodontics is the aspect of dentistry concerned with the treatment of the pulpal tissue at the centre of a tooth. It is also known as root canal treatment.


Prosthodontic dentistry is the making of artificial replacements for missing teeth and gums.  This includes the making of removable dentures, treatment of worn teeth, crowns, bridges and implant dentistry.



Welcome to Charing Cross Practice

Site Updated 20/10/2017

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Charing Cross Practice was opened in 2003 by Richard Crosby and Maya Desai as a centre for local colleagues to refer their patients.


If you are a patient then this site will give you information about the people you will meet at Charing Cross and what is involved in some of the treatments we provide.


We are very sorry to have to inform you that Maya Desai, partner and founder of Charing Cross Practice, passed away peacefully, after a short illness, on Sunday September 17th.